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Where Are They Now? - ryc3 PDF Print E-mail
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Sunday, 19 June 2011 22:03


As promised last week, I thought I would celebrate Orange Lounge Radio's ninth anniversary by spending the week catching up with some of the people who were part of the show back in the early days. So starting this series off I catch up with ryc3, one of our regulars from ye olden days when we were all about the music games.

And as such fair word of warning these interviews kinda skew towards the music games, because that's what we were into back then! So hit the jump to read the interview!!



So tell us about yourself. What are you up to these days?

School and Working. Linguistics major.

Favorite BEMANI game?


Favorite mix from said series?

DDR 4th Mix, IIDX is debatable. Too many good songs. :X

Favorite song/artist? (doesn't have to be from your favorite game/series)

Favorite Song: Be Quiet Favorite artist: Dj Taka, Naoki

Any tournament memories you want to share? (also, PA or Freestyle?)

Tournament Moments. I don't really have that many.

PA: CBN*: JSB vs Tigger

Freestyle: CBN: Lil B Doing Sync as a freestyle.
(CBN = Cyber Beat Nation, a DDR tournament.)

Proudest accomplishment?

eh... I'm a type of person who really don't care for accomplishment. I guess it's when I first beat my first CATA Dead End on 5th Mix. :X

Any memories from OLR you'd like to share?

My only memory of OLR is the FU of the week portion. :X Sorry. That's like the only portion I like. :X OH and video game updates. :D

Do you still play DDR/IIDX/etc. nowadays?

I still have my ps2. I play when I can. :P

If you've seen what DDR is like now, do you feel it's 'jumped the shark'? Share your thoughts on that.:

WTF is this marvelous bullshit?!?

Obligatory 'your first time playing DDR' story:

I was hanging out with a girl who liked me in h.s. I'll say her name is Jane doe. She said to me,"You'll never get better than me." I gave up and then my friend's bday came around and they all decided to go to an arcade. I was playing classic stuff like sf2. then my friend brought me to the DDR Machine. I was like meh. I gave it a try. I was playing on a 4th mix machine. I found a song with a somewhat catchy beat. It was never gonna let you down. It took me like 4 tries before I can beat it on basic.

Final thoughts?

Final thoughts? FUCK YOU DT. LOL

I hope you enjoyed my first interview in the 'Where Are They Now?' series! But it's not over yet, tune in tomorrow as we catch up with Under Sedation Live's own Jessica Harper as she takes a trip down memory lane not just of OLR, but also USL and DDRFreak as well!

Last Updated on Sunday, 19 June 2011 22:25

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