I Love That Song / Video Stumble Combo! - Instrumental Fourside with Gregorian Moonside on the side! Print
Written by act_deft   
Sunday, 03 April 2011 10:39
That's a lot of sides!

We have neglected Earthbound for a long time now since we have started doing this series of articles, considering Earthbound truly has some pretty good music. But now we will fix that by doing a ILTS / Video Stumble combo for not only one, but TWO songs!



I will admit that I haven't played Earthbound a whole lot, but I truly love the music it has. Some of the tracks are pretty relaxing, while other songs are truly creepy and sometimes downright weird. Fourside and Moonside are probably an example of that.

(Click on "Read More" to see the video)

Fellow GameFAQs user pibbsley atums made this video, being a musician and also a fan of the game. And I must say he did a pretty good job there. You can check his over videos on his YouTube page, CoastCoastCoast.

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Until next time, keep on boundin'!