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Sunday, 03 April 2011 15:41


As promised this past Sunday, I said I'd deliver as much WonderCon 2011 coverage as I could come up with! Sadly I didn't have internet access (an extra $10 bucks a night? eff that!!) but I'll do my best to cover the highlights from the epicness in San Francisco!

So hit the jump to check out some of the best in videogames, comics, and movies that were on tap at WonderCon!!


Day 1:

So one of the first things I had to check out (as I did last year) was Capcom's booth. Sadly most of the games on display were titles that either just came out (like the SSF4 3DS version, which I'll cover more in-depth later with my Nintendo coverage) or have been out a little while (like Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds) I will say playing MVC3 with a fight stick was pretty awesome, although my brother still won...

Then it was over to Nintendo, which I knew would have several 3DS units and games to try out. It was so crowded I only had time to check out a few games, so I stepped up to Steel Diver. What most people probably would never guess about me, is that the NES classic 'Silent Service' is one of my favorite 'games you'd never expect me to like' titles. So seeing a new current-gen game about piloting a submarine had me kind of excited.

I think the best part of it was using the 3DS' built-in gyroscope to simulate actually looking through the periscope, and you utilize the touch-screen to activate the controls, as well as fix leaks should they happen... it gets pretty intense I have to say, this one really surprised me.

Sticking with the 3DS lineup, one of the other games I tried when I first arrived was the 3DS port of Super SF4. I'm not sure if you can change the camera angle, but it had this weird 3/4 'over the shoulder' view which took some getting used to. I never got around to playing around with SSF4 more so I don't know if that's the only viewpoint.

After that we all went to check out the 'Spotlight on Robert Kirkman' panel... if you've ever heard of 'The Walking Dead' then this is definetly a panel you would've wanted to check out! Highlights of the panel include a couple tidbits revealed during the Q&A session; both the 2nd season of AMC's live action version of 'The Walking Dead' and Telltale's videogame adaptation (which will both stray from the original comic book story, but in different ways) will both be debuting sometime this October!

After that I watched a little bit of the Green Lantern game that's coming out in anticipation for the summer blockbuster... it looks cool though it seems to be mainly a Final Fight-esque scrolling beat-em-up. But one nice feature of it is it has two player co-op so you and a friend can go through the game together.

At the end of the first day, I had to make sure not to miss the 'WaRP graphics' panel - Perhaps best known for their long-running 'ElfQuest' series. Which while no word on any videogames yet, sadly -- is quite possibly someday maybe getting a movie... but from the sound of it WB never got back to them so most likely it'll be out after hell freezes over.

Fortunately a bunch of hardcore EQ fans got together to create a fan-made movie, which they showed a teaser of.... it looks pretty freakin' epic for a fan-made film. There was another project one of the creators talked about, but it dealt with some pretty heavy (and mature) subject matter so I'll just say google 'masque of the red death wendy pini' (have to make sure and add her name or else you'll just get the Edgar Allen Poe original) if you're interested (WARNING: mature content)

Also! You can check out the whole 'ElfQuest' series online here ElfQuest.com (I think I'll go ahead and stick a 'mature' warning on this too just to be safe...) One last comment about the WaRP panel; the title was 'Let's do the WaRP time again', so as you can imagine, they went overboard with the Rocky Horror Picture Show references... which was kinda funny, if completely random.

Day 2:

So when day 2 started I decided I'd go back to Nintendo to check out some more of their games they had available to try, starting off with Dead Or Alive: Dimensions. It was fun, looked pretty much on par with the PS2/XBOX versions of DOA, if not the 360 version. Naturally I just picked Ryu, because out of the two or three characters he was the one I liked best. Overall it was a fun game and if you like DOA then this is right up your alley, especially because it's portable!

Then, I discovered that Nintendo actually had demo stations for Kid Icarus: Uprising!!! At first glance I thought it was just a 3D trailer, but no... it was there, in playable form! What I thought was most interesting about the game is the shooting sequences felt just like playing Sin & Punishment: Star Successor where you're moving Pit with the analog aiming with the stylus, and firing with the L button. It was a lot of fun, and not only do I recommend getting it when it comes out if you have a 3DS, but I have to say this was my 'Game of the Show' at WC2011!!

Then I decided to move over to Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS. I only played around with running around the world map, but I did get a feel for the controls, as well as what I thought was a neat addition -- when you aim in first-person mode with the bow or slingshot, you can actually move the 3DS and your viewpoint will move in-game as well!

The last game I checked out was Capcom's not-yet-released 'Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D' ... I'd never played the original RE: Mercenaries, but I was reminded why I quit playing the series. The controls were kinda frustrating (getting a good shot at the enemies was difficult) and I just kept missing the zombies entirely. Perhaps if they made a port of RE4 it might be good but this you can probably pass on.

After I was done at the 3DS demos, we went to check out the Image Comics show (a smaller publisher, not as big as Marvel or DC, but still has a few titles worth checking out -- personally I reccomend 'The Sword' (about a girl that finds a magical sword and uses it to seek revenge against these super beings who killed her family looking for it), and 'The Walking Dead' (A police officer gets shot and wakes up to find the world has quite literally gone to hell as the undead have taken over.) but I did want to mention it because one of their upcoming comics was 'Nonplayer' its about an MMORPG, where everyone is a nobody in real life, but online they're a superhero or villain, much like in City of Heroes.

Unfortunately, I promised the fans I'd check out the Activision Spiderman panel, but I forgot all about it! I'm sorry guys. But the news is most likely on the internet by now anyway, especially because I heard the first details got leaked just days before WonderCon even started anyway, so there was probably not much more I would've learned about the game anyway.

Day 3:

Unfortunately day 3 only consisted of me waiting in (a really long fucking) line for the Doctor Who panel, as reports were out that acclaimed writer Neil Gaiman was actually brought on to write an episode. The panel was pretty awesome, moderated by G4's own Chris Hardwick (who's apparently a humongous Doctor fan) and they went through and interviewed several people about the new season... they even showed several 'teaser' videos including a clip from episode 4 (the one Gaiman wrote) but omg I can't wait for the new season to start!

One last little tease Gaiman threw out before it was all over was a still of his appearance in an upcoming Simpsons episode, so be sure and watch fo-- er I mean watch it on Hulu the monday *after* it airs, cause OLR will probably be on at the same time, and I know they don't want me distracting you from the sunday show! ... I'm kidding.

Sadly after that I had to leave, so that's pretty much my three days' of WonderCon 2011 coverage in a nutshell. But stay tuned this week, as I did get a couple videos of both the Captain America movie game as well as the Thor movie game, so you'll be able to get a taste of those games before they're released (possibly closer to the release dates of the respective movies.)


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