Video Stumble - A special LOKI video! Print
Written by act_deft   
Thursday, 07 April 2011 12:53
Hey, it's that time again to watch a really cool video on OLR!
It's Video Stumble time!

And now featuring our one and only LOKI! With a very special geeky moment.
While I don't want to give away the video, I can just say his Xbox is now way more special than before!

(Click on "Read More" to watch the video)

Three pretty big stars signed (one of) LOKI's 360, pretty cool of Orlando Bloom, Mark Ruffalo and Christopher Thornton for doing so and even better they start talking about the console.
May LOKI have turned them into gaming? That's a question that we better leave to TMZ or People magazine.

I just hope he doesn't send that 360 to Microsoft for repairs.

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Watch you later!
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