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Written by DarkTetsuya   
Monday, 12 December 2011 17:44

As promised I have a review from a very special guest,Gamergirrl! She recently purchased the Wii update to the edutainment classic, Oregon Trail. So, I decided to share her thoughts on the game with you guys.... So hit the jump to join her journey across the US on the way to Providence, Oregon!!


Saturday Dec 10th marked the release date for Oregon Trail on the Wii. So, I went to pick up my copy, and like an excited kid waiting for Christmas I popped it in and wanted to play. I had a lot of fun playing it because of the way they implemented some of the things from the original Apple II version.

When you first start playing theres only 2 scenarios available to choose from, (but more are unlockable as you go) so I chose the first available of the two. The Wii uses the wiimote as a whip to guide your oxen and make them go faster and the nunchuck to slow them down.  The controls are a bit confusing to figure out at first but not too hard to get the hang of it. The same goes for the fishing controls you point the wiimote at the screen to fish and click not where the fish are, but where you think they're going to be.

As for hunting its basically point and click, similar to some of the more modern versions of Oregon Trail on PCs. But unlike the original you have until October 31st to make it to Oregon. So, here's a tip. gun it like your wagon is on fire baby, and head for the hills!

One great thing about the game is that there are multiple trophies you can unlock, similar to achivements or the trophies on PSN you get them for doing good at the game. Another great feature are some of the 'assist' items you can choose before you start your journey, like a pipe to make the indians (sorry, Native Americans) like you, a  pot of herbs to keep your family from hoarding the food, or a fish hook to make fishing easier.

Fortunately using these items won't disqualify you from unlocking trophies or the game's other scenarios, so if you're having trouble completing the game, don't worry about using these if you're trying to unlock all the game's trophies!

Overall i give this game a ten for being fun. The graphics are ok, and the music is so-so, but the kids will have fun with it. I say give it a try if you like a blast from the past.

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