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Written by act_deft   
Monday, 02 January 2012 14:26
Welcome to another VideoStumble article!

Today's video is from stand-up fluffy comedian Gabriel Iglesias. What does a comedian have to do with video games? Well, hit up the "Read More" button or just scroll down to find out.

We're beginning 2012 and the 10th anniversary of OLR with references to its roots, DDR. I'm pretty sure some of you will identify with this video, I know I did. And even if you didn't play DDR, you'll still find it hilarious since Gabriel Iglesias is a pretty funny guy.

The OLR Crew played this a this week's fortune cookie of the week in the Afterbirth segment. It was hilarious hearing it, even more watching the whole skit. So I just had to share it in a VideoStumble article for everyone to enjoy.

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Watch you later!
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