I Love That Song! - Des-ROW feat.... Vanilla Ice?! Print
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Wednesday, 01 February 2012 10:56


(SOPA may be history, but what's to stop Konami from shutting us down if I linked you directly? Sorry I don't wanna chance it.)

As you probably heard on the podcast this week, one of the songs that's been appearing in some of Konami's more recent music games (DDR II on the Wii -- excellent mix from what I've heard, Pop'n Music Portable 2 on PSP, and BOOM BOOM DANCE on XBOX 360 Kinect known as Rhythm Party here in the US ... available now for 800 spacebucks!) one of the songs Konami's been pimping the crap out of was this song.

A collaboration between BEMANI mainstay Des-ROW (Best known for Daikenkai from DDR EXTREME/Pop'n Music, as well as a bunch of other songs in the various games in the series.) and Vanilla Ice (Y'know, the NINJA RAP from the 2nd TMNT movie?! and I think 'Ice Ice Baby' was in DDR X2 both Arcade and home versions.) and I have to say this song is pretty sick! Perhaps not as fast as something NAOKI might've cooked up, but don't let that fool you into thinking the song's a cake walk!

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