THE HUNT: The First Gate!! Print
Written by DarkTetsuya   
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 20:57

Welcome to OASIS! .... Ready Player One!! Those of you that have acquired the Copper Key, you have (1) new videomail message!

(hit the jump to see it)


>Play message

As the video begins to play, the scene opens on a street view of a local video arcade. A large pinkish sign adorns the front of the building:

20 Grand
Food - Family Fun - Games

The 1980s classic Video Fever begins to play. After a few seconds the camera cuts to an inside view, the young man in his 30s from the previous video is seen standing next to the Galaga machine inside the arcade. He's wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt with Inky, Blinky, and Clyde on the front. He begins to speak:

"If you're watching this, you've beaten my score on Joust and now possess the Copper Key. So you're wondering 'what's the next challenge?' Well I'm glad you asked. Incase you hadn't figured it out, this was the arcade from the 1983 sci-fi classic, 'WarGames'! which brings me to your first challenge:

So I found this clip of a couple of the arcade scenes in the movie. What I want from you, is your best renditions of David's (aka Matthew Broderick) lines in these scenes. Record a video or an MP3/wav and shoot me an email at the usual address, or tweet me @darktetsuya with a link to it hashtagged #thehuntolr.

The bounty for this gate? how does 100,000 points sound?! ... but it drops 10,000 for each subsequent entry... so you'd better get on it! Yeah, I know you were hoping to play Galaga, weren't you? Don't worry the next challenge will be more fun, I'm sure...'

...then the video fades out. So there's your challenge folks, get to it!

EDITED to add: Okay I get it, not a lot of you are great actors... I'll make this one easy for you: fire up Galaga in MAME and get a perfect score on the first challenge stage! the 100,000 point prize has already been claimed but current bounty being at 90,000 80,000 could still put any of you in the lead!!

EDIT 2: OrangeRight just claimed the silver 90,000 point bounty, so now it's down to 80,000!

EDIT 3: IOI just caught wind of all this activity, so you'll have to settle for 70,000!

So just tweet/email me a screenshot mentioning #thehuntolr somewhere in there and you'll get the Copper Gate icon and quite possibly take the lead!

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