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Saturday, 28 April 2012 12:10


Is there a torch or a match in your inventory?

Today's track and video is "It is Pitch Black" by MC Frontalot

While this song ain't from a video game itself, it is based on the old but great game Zork, and done by one of the most famous nerdcore/geek rappers out there, MC Frontalot. So you're in for a treat.

The lyrics to this song are simple, it pretty much describes how playing the game Zork was back in the day. No walkthroughs, no FAQs, nothing. And this being a text adventure game, there are no visuals to help you see things clearly, you had to imagine everything in your mind or write down everything you had done and/or draw maps to know where you were going and where have you already went. Even with all that, this game is still fondly remembered as one of the greatest PC games of all history.

The game of course had no sounds or music, so this song could be pretty much the theme song of the game. MC Frontalot really captured the all-around feeling to playing the game in his lyrics and the tune is quite catchy, making this a really good song.

You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
If this predicament seems particularly cruel,
consider whose fault it could be:
not a torch or a match in your inventory.

Of course, the chorus of the song being the infamous "Grue quote". The lines to a really cruel fate, and only because you didn't have something that could illuminate your path. And start all over again from scratch, but that didn't stop most people, they continued playing till they got to the end!

And while the game can be called somewhat dated, many people to this still play it. And you can even play it our browser! Heck, even on your phone!

By the way, if you haven't checked out OLR's "The Hunt", organized by DarkTetsuya, you should. The lastest challenge is about Zork! So if you haven't tried out this game by now, you now have your chance and you can also prove you're the best gamer there is! Go here to check out the details.

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Until next time, don't get eaten by a Grue!

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