I Love That Song!/Video Stumble combo! - Night of Announcement Print
Written by act_deft   
Saturday, 09 June 2012 18:14


To end FirE5 week we have a real classic in OLR history. It will get you craving some tacos.

Today's track is Night of Fire by Niko from ParaParaParadise!

Please note due to copyright issues I can not make this song available for you to download directly.

So ending FirE5 we have "Night of Fire", a classic among OLR and BEMANI fans. This song is quite good for ParaPara dancing, which is what ParaParaParadise is all about.

ParaPara is a dancing style where you use your arms and hands in choreographic style, rather than DDR or even DanceManiax where you move to the rhythm of song. You can check out YouTube and you'll find a lot of videos showing you how to dance to "Night of Fire" ParaPara style, like I said, it's a classic song for it. And speaking of videos...

(Click the "read more" link to watch something 20% cooler and an annoucement concerning the future of OLRticles)

PMVs or "Pony Music Videos" are pretty much like "YTPMVs", where they use sounds from a video clip or show and make music out it. And well there is the phrase "Ponify everything" among Bronies around the world, so naturally PMVs came to life. There are some BEMANI and Video Game related ones but we'll talk about them in another time.

So about that annoucement about OLRticles and their future? Well, we're gonna appear on the VOG Network! Yes, the Voice of Geeks Network has welcomed us with open arms and so we will appearing on their site this coming week! Don't worry BEMANI-Fans, BEMANI month will continue on OLR as scheduled but you'll be seeing "ILTS" and the other series of OLRticles for VOG and now with 100% more geek culture stuff, and not only video games like we do now.

So be sure to check out www.vognetwork.com and register! (Be sure to check the forums for our "Requests" thread)

If you have suggestions or recommendations for future "I love that song" and "Video Stumble" articles or just wanna comment, just click the "Add new comment" link or contact us via Twitter: @DarkTetsuya or me, @act_deft!

Until next time, keep on geekin'!