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Thursday, 28 June 2012 19:56


On today's edition, I chat it up with djTyrant! He actually opted to answer all of my questions, so hit the jump to see what the former host of STFU has been doing lately!


1. So tell us about yourself. What are you up to these days?

Working, playing games, watching StarCraft, and visiting Disneyland [:D]

2. Favorite BEMANI game?

IIDX is still my favorite game even though I am terrible at it.

3. Favorite mix from said series?

IIDX Red, some of the best music in the series and some great crossovers as well.

4. Favorite song/artist? (doesn't have to be from your favorite game/series)

dj TAKA lots of really great chill songs and just great music in general.

5. Any tournament memories you want to share? (also, PA or Freestyle?)

First tournament memory is AI2k1 (or AI3). Giving Mel B a hi five after his freestyle :D . As far as freestyle or PA...I love both freestyle is generally more fun to watch, but an extremely close PA match is nearly as good.

6. Proudest accomplishment?

Probably the few times I've won money. But I think running tournaments with Tim (Loogaroo) are probably my favorite accomplishments in the community. Getting people together and seeing them enjoy doing something is a really awesome feeling.

7. Any memories from OLR you'd like to share? / Or, memories from playing DDR/BEMANI?

I remember listening to some of the live coverage of tournaments (I think B3?) and those were really awesome.

8. Do you still play DDR/IIDX/etc. nowadays? / If not, what ARE you playing?

I still play DDR occasionally, IIDX every so often, but not as much as I would like to (HDTV's screw that up). Other than that I play a healthy dose of WoW/StarCraft 2/Diablo 3 mostly.

9. If you've seen what DDR is like now, do you feel it's 'jumped the shark'? Share your thoughts on that.

Nope, DDR is still DDR at its core, people just got bored of it and them killing ITG didn't do them any favors. Legality issues aside, killing your competition is never good for the consumer.

10. Obligatory 'your first time playing DDR' story

No joke, DDR USA at the StarCade in Disneyland (RIP), this girl taught me how to play. Taught me probably the best beginner tip of not returning your feet to the center.

11. Favorite videogame of all time?


12. Favorite composer (if any)

This is really tough because there is a TON of amazing video game music out there. Probably Russell Brower (WoW, SC2, D3).

13. Favorite gaming accomplishment?

This is kinda silly, but being in the top 300 US guilds for killing Illidan back in Burning Crusade, probably one of the hardest things I've worked for in gaming.

14. what was your first videogame?

Like any child of the 80s, Super Mario Bros. (NES).

15. Final thoughts?

Thanks to OLR for being awesome always and not being ashamed to tell it like it is :)


Huge thanks to DJT for doing the interview. Tomorrow's going to be a very special one, as I chat with one of our earliest fans, DDRAngel!! So come back tomorrow to see her answers, having been one of our earliest supporters back in our early days.


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