Orange Lounge Radio Episode 810 - 2/23/2020 Print
Written by skie   
Sunday, 23 February 2020 22:52

Rob was sick last week, so we jump right into the news this week talking about a major contributor pulling out of E3. Is there anything E3 can do to stop the bleeding from the show at this point? We throw out some ideas. We get into our gaming weeks and then the headlines from this week, which includes PAX East being impacted by the pulling out of several companies over COVID-19 concerns. Is it justified, or is there such a thing as too much caution? We discuss.


Also in the news:


* Playstation Forums to close

* Bethesda Pulls Out of GeForce Now

* Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct Recap

* IRS Confirms Video Game Currencies aren't Taxable


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