Orange Lounge Radio Episode 840 - 10/25/2020 Print
Written by skie   
Sunday, 25 October 2020 21:15

Tonight we talk Pokemon DLC at the top of the show with our resident Pokemon Expert Shane, who joins us to talk about this. What new feature about the Pokemon DLC has Shane saying is even better than the raids? Also we talk about coming back to World of Warcraft after a bit of a hiatus, and the big changes recently made in the game in preparation for the next expansion. Also at the top of the show we talk about a stream on twitch by a representative in Congress that took the twitch community by storm and set high viewership numbers. Is this the future of political rallies? We talk about all this and MORE!


Also in the news:

* Very Bad Tweet has people dunking on Stadia

* Original NES Fire Emblem to be localized for the US

* JoyCon Price Drop

* Twitch DMCA Purge


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