Orange Lounge Radio Episode 841 - 11/1/2020 Print
Written by skie   
Sunday, 01 November 2020 22:11

Ubisoft released information this week that indicated that all of the games Sony said would be compatible on Playstation 5 may not actually be. Although the post was retracted, what is going on to cause this conflicting information to come out? We discuss this issue, as well as the issue of backwards compatibility in the new generation of gaming and just how important it is to us. Do we want our consoles to be able to play the old games, or is this an expectation that has been unfairly set on an industry that often hasn't had backwards compatibility? We discuss all this and more in another week of gaming news!


Also in the news:


* Nintendo Mini Direct, last one of 2020

* Arcade 1UP Pinball Machines

* PSVR adapter free for PS5

* Facebook Cloud Gaming


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