Orange Lounge Radio Episode 845- 11/29/2020 Print
Written by skie   
Sunday, 29 November 2020 22:06

Recent Comments by Phil Spencer of XBOX call to light some of the ugly sides of gaming culture that rest with the "versus" mentality and competition of console brands. We take a look at some of the long history of console wars in the gaming community, and discuss why much of that mentality may not be appropriate today. Gaming is for everyone, but you might not know it reading the comments section sometimes. We discuss this and much more gaming news of the week on this holiday week and an all new episode of Orange Lounge Radio!


Also in the News:


* Some PS5 owners banned for selling PS4 Library Access

* The World Ends With You Sequel

* Super Mario Maker Wii-U to end New Level Support

* Capcom Mini Arcade Machine


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