Orange Lounge Radio Episode 846- 12/6/2020 Print
Written by skie   
Sunday, 06 December 2020 22:15

The Game Awards are this week, and we are sure to get some shocking announcements along with the event. After all this was the place the Xbox Series X was revealed last year. Could we see a similar huge announcement from a company like Nintendo? Careful not to set the expectations too high, though we talk about some predictions that might make sense. Speaking of big reveals, our friend YYR joins us to talk about his latest project from YYRGames, and the end of it is a real shocking surprise to our hosts and our live listeners, as a long kept secret is finally revealed.


Also in the news:


* Do PS2 Games Really run on Xbox Series X?

* Destiny 2 Next Gen Requires New Download

* Oscar Issac cast as Solid Snake

* Nintendo Switch & Xbox Firmware Updates


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