Orange Lounge Radio Episode 850- 1/3/2021 Print
Written by skie   
Sunday, 03 January 2021 21:34

We take this first show of 2021 to look back on the mess of a year that was 2020. Although the world was a crazy place, there were many video games that helped us keep it together. Our hosts reflect on their favorite games of the year and what got them through these times, and why. We also look back on a couple of predictions for the year, and if they came true. Then we get into the news of the week, even if the holidays kept there from being any huge headlines. It's all topped off with a WTF classic game pick to start off the year with a bang.


Also in the News:


* Nintendo Theme Park Power Band

* Final Secret in NieR: Automata discovered

* New Inti Creates Games in Development

* Gradius III comes to Arcade Archive


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